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Tanzania Cultural and Historical

Tanzania Cultural and Historical

Tanzania Cultural Tourism

Cultural tourism in Tanzania started as a program to help rural communities enjoy the benefit of tourism sector in which they are a part of. The program is the effort and initiatives of the Dutch Development organization know as SNV which has been directly involved in Tanzania’s community development programs, especially in the rural areas. 

The main goal is that rural communities should directly benefit from tourists who visit their areas. Cultural tourism allows local people such as Maasai, Pare, Sambaa, Wa-arusha, Gogo, Nyakyusa and Wazaramo to offer tours that show their culture, their sacred places of worship, economic activities, for example, farming, pastoralism and fishing.

The income generated is used by local people for specific development programmes, such as, the building of dispensaries, schools and cattle dip sites. 

ILKIDING’A – 7 kms from Arusha
Slope Meru/Wa Arusha      –  A view into Wa-arusha culture by visiting traditional healer and by tasting traditional food. –  Walks through the fields on the slopes of Mt. Meru. –  Visits to craftsmen who produce stools, knives, jewellery and other traditional objects.

KISANGARA – 90 kms from Moshi
Nyumba ya Mungu Dam    –  Fishing expeditions at Nyumba ya Mungu Dam. –  Spice tour and cooking traditional dishes –  A visit to the Lembeni Herbal Hospital.  

LONGIDO – 81 kms from Arusha
Maasai/Mt. Longido –  Walking safaris with Maasai warriors. –  A climb up the impressive Longido Mountain –  A view into the culture and daily life of the Maasai  

MAMBA/MARANGU – 30 kms from Moshi
Slopes Kilimanjaro/Chagga –  Walks by numerous waterfalls through lush green valleys with panoramic views of Kilimanjaro. –  Visits to ancient hiding caves used during tribal wars. –  Visit to blacksmiths using traditional methods.

MKURU – 50 kms from Arusha
Maasai/Camel ride –  A visit to the camel camp at the foot of Mt. Meru –  Camel safaris varying in length half a day to one week –  Bird-watching in the plains around Mkuru –  A climb up Ol Doinyo Landaree, a pyramid mountain

MTO WA MBU – 120 kms from Arusha
Mixed tribes/fields/rift –  A walking tour of the farms and surrounding area at the foot of the Rift Valley –  A trip to the Miwaleni Lake and Waterfall –  A thorough explanation of the irrigation system –  A view into the culture of the different tribes.  

NGIRESI – 6 kms from Arusha
Slopes Meru/Wa Arusha –  A guided tour of farms on the green and steep slopes of Mt. Meru –  A view into the Wa-arusha culture (traditional health care, building styles) –  A visit to several development projects  

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